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I was about 15 years old when I first heard the music of UNKLE and I have been listening to them ever since I have all of their CDs but one and the only reason why I dont have it is cause I'm not in America as soon as I get home that will be my first purchase well technically second since the first thing I plan on doing is eating as much pizza as I can :P.   I first heard them through music video called a Rabbit in your headlights a month later I bought that CD and listened to it on a loop for almost a year I bought other CDs but that one particully I listened to the most and as they realeased more and more music I bought more and more stuff from them.  

Most of the tracks to their music are bristol bay trip hop and electronica  some alternative stuff too but on every CD they have released they have that one track that one track when they are trying to say something and I guess what makes me such a big fan is I feel like they are trying to say something to me on a personal level as crazy as that may sound.   Their first two CDs they kept using qoutes from a movie called Jacobs Ladder so naturally me being a big fan of their music I watched Jacobs Ladder. 

For people that arent familiar with the movie to sum it all up its about a solider that is dying in Veitnam but he doesnt know he is he thinks hes back in America and the movie is basically about his delousiouns hes having as he is dying.  Its about his journey through death he has so many unresolved and terrbulant issues within himself...   At the end he finds some sort of peace and then the movie cuts back to Vietnam and we find out that nothing that happened was real and hes actually just dying.

Sometimes I feel like this like I think back in life and so many times I could have died so many times some one could have killed me.  I had a drug overdose a couple of times maybe I died then, I like to cut myself maybe I cut my wrist and died then, I got into a fight with some mobsters maybe I died then...   My life is so unreal that I cant believe its real its so crazy and unpredictable I wonder how long it will take me to find out that I actually died I never left America I'm back in my room laying in bed waiting for my heart to stop from a overdose....

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